The world can seem really crazy these days. How do we figure out our place in it? And how can we be a force for good, and still take care of ourselves, our world and the people around us? These questions may seem obvious, but the answers are different for everyone. As a certified professional coach, I help people consider and come up with their own answers, and develop the tools that allow them to adjust their responses and consider the range of questions that come up as circumstances change.

I also work with organizations to provide coaching for employees and leaders at all levels, and to help them create workplaces that bolster rather than burn out their staff.

In addition to being a coach, I’m also a human rights lawyer and a former labor lawyer. I draw on my work experience, but most importantly, I work with clients to better understand and transform their own experiences so they can craft their own futures.

I work with career changers, disgruntled lawyers, burnt-out service providers and stressed leaders of all types, especially those navigating the nonprofit world, and the challenges of working in nonprofit organizations.

I believe that to do good in the world we must also take care of ourselves and the world around us, and I help committed professionals and activists figure out how to make their work not only sustainable, but a source of joy that can nourish them, their colleagues and their communities.

For more information about my coaching services, including a free consultation, please contact me.